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Adult Learn to Row

Rowing is a great sport for adults of all ages that provides a full-body workout and the opportunity to meet new people and have fun in a team-oriented activity.  Morning and evening classes are available and meet twice-a-week in 4-week sessions. 

Classes are offered each summer during June and July.  Registration for the 2015 season are now closed. 

Check back here in late spring 2016 for next year's sessions.  

Adaptive Rowing Update

The adaptive rowing team has had a great start to the upcoming season.  The team of 8 has been holding indoor rowing sessions throughout the winter. 

Summer rowing sessions are being organized.  Check the Para-Adaptive page for updates.  E-mail the Para-Adaptive Team if you need further information or have specific questions or go to our web-page for regular updates.

March 6th, 2016

GCRA is Proud to Present The Second Annual Arnold Indoor Rowing Challenge

The Arnold Sports Festival co-produced by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the largest multi-sport festival in the nation during which Columbus welcomes more than more than 44,000 sports and fitness fans. The event features 18,000 athletes competing in 50 sports and events now including rowing for the second time in 2016!! 

Get Pumped up and join the fun!!



Upcoming Events

Monday, June 06, 2016 (EDT) • Griggs Reservoir Boathouse

GCRA Brings Home Hardware in 2015

Backing up to Speakmon, thanks to all of you for volunteering to make our regatta successful, and to Tom Roberts for your leadership!!  It's really noticeable when a regatta isn't running well, and we had none of that.  The labor that went into some of the duties like setting the buoy lines and moving docks, were full time jobs for several.  I look forward to a much larger event next year, and planting that seed now to get the planning and creativity started!  There were many medals awarded to this group, and I think my favorite moment was watching our Novice Team receive their first medals!  There were a lot of big smiles--me included!  Many thanks to Terry Filicko for very successfully preparing the team for their first race! 

Moving on to Head of the Charles, it was more than a boat race for our club. We had people come together that don't normally cross paths to create a really great memory!  Ten athletes represented GCRA and participated in 4 events: Women's 1x, Men's !x, Mixed 2x and Women's 8+.  Jen Bullock took first place in the highly competitive Women's 1x!  I'm not aware of any other GCRA team/individual that's medaled at HOCR (I know someone will let me know if I have that wrong).  This is huge!  James and Laurel got their 'oars wet' for the first time on the course in blind boats--nothing easy about that!  And, the Women's 8+ (it's been 10 years since the last one), after the Lincoln Park Coach spent 2 hours measuring and setting our riggers and oars, had a really great row...even after the steering cable snapped.  First, the Charles course is last place for that kind of equipment failure to happen.  Second, when you have a coxswain pro like Hawley Linke, you never know there's a problem, and a cable break is a big problem. Hawley reached behind her back, grabbed the rudder and somehow managed to keep us on one of the cleanest and tightest courses I've ever seen for this race. (Authors note:  I've been racing for 15 years and have never seen a steering cable's happened in two boats in two big races this year).  

And then there was Hooooooocccchhhh!!!  Can't say enough about this race, great course, great venue, and usually great weather, except for this time :).  Seven athletes, 5 events, no coxswain, and we pulled it off!  Great placement for all boats (handicaps still not our friend).  Charlie Gagliano was 1st in the Men's Ltwt 1x (this was the first official result; we saw an update that placed him second, but we're going with 1st since he has the medal :)!  Mike Szablewski was able to experience Stampfli--he was seat 15 in a 24 person boat! That was very cool to watch! 

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